appreciates your continued patronage with our company to show you that we like to give a little back to our customers we have created a Customer Loyalty Cash Rebate Program. We would love to have every customer boast about their shopping experience with our company so this is our way of saying "Thank You."

How do I join this Loyalty Cash Rebate Program

After you receive your order from, you can write a review (under product page review column) & attach the product image! So you will get 10% cash rebate from the product you purchases. If the product you review amount RM100, you will get RM10 off for your next order!

NAME > REVIEW > RATING > Upload image > press continue (ONLY SUCCESS)

1 Product Review = 10% cash rebate

Please note that if you purchases more than one item, you upload all products images & reviews only will get fully cash rebate.
EXP: Customer purchases product A RM69.90 + product B RM79.90
1) IF Customer only review product B, than will only get RM7.99 cash rebate
2) IF Customer review both product (with photo) will get RM14.98 cash rebate

1 Order ID = 1 Cash Voucher

Please note that if you purchases more than one order, we will calculate by each order id follow by the review/photo provided
1) Customer purchases 5 times with 4 order id, so we will provide 4 cash voucher follow by order id
2) IF customer 1 order have 5 product but submit only 4 product image & review we will only give cash rebate for those 4.
     If next time customer want to submit another pieces we will separate to another cash voucher.

How do I know how many cash rebate I have?

After customer review you may receive your cash voucher by email within 5 working days.
** Cash rebate only can use to place next order
** IF customer didn't receive within 5 working days kindly enquiry our customer service

How do use my cash rebate for my order?

You will receive a cash voucher code, click in to your shopping cart, key in the code provided under GIFT VOUCHER COLUMN & check out.

Can I accumulate my cash voucher use in 1 order?

Each Order only can use for 1 cash voucher

Do my cash voucher have expired date?

Yes, 90 days expired from voucher provided.